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Cajons For Sale

We make cajon drums in the UK and sell direct from our workshop.

Did you know that many retail outlets add 40 - 70% to the price they buy from the manafacturer. So a cajon which we make for £70.00 would go on sale in a retail outlet for about £140.00.

You are paying an extra 40 - 70% for the same cajon.

So our cajons are only offered for sale directly from our workshop directly to the customer at wholesale prices.

If you are thinking about buying a cajon take a look at the prices of cajons for sale in retail outlets and then half the price and that will give you a good idea about how much the cajon actually costs.

We make and sell quality cajon drums at a realistic price.

Take a look at our range and listen to the sound clips below.

Our Handmade Cajons.

Cajon Drum With Fixed Snare.

Fixed Snare:

  • The snare is perfectly adjusted and fixed inside the drum near the right-hand top corner to give a crisp and clear snare sound.

  • A wide variety of snare sounds can be easily a...

Great Sound and Robust Construction:

  • A very robust cajon with 4mm Birch Laminate front playing surface.

  • Two 20 strand snare wires give plenty of rattle on the top end.

  • It also has a good deep bas...

Adjustable Snare Cajon Drum.

Adjustable Snare:

  • The snare is fully adjustable with our unique "Quick Release" mechanism.

  • Fully on the snare is crisp and tight.

  • Fully off and you have a traditional...

Professional Cajon.

Tight Crisp Snare, Deep Resonant Bass, Durable None-Slip Seat, Full Internal Framing For Extra Strength,

Fixed Internal Snare.

  • 20 strand high quality snare wires are attached to the top left-hand corne...

Two Tone Cajon

Two Tonal Chambers:

  • This totally unique and professional-level cajon features an internal tone chamber for the snare and a completely separate tonal chamber for the bass..

  • This gives the snare a fantas...

Two Face Cajon

Two Playing Surfaces:

  • Two Playing surfaces each with a distinct sound gives this cajon fantastic versatility.

  • One side of the cajon has a very thin birch ply playing surface and gives the cajon a deep a...

This cajon drum has been designed to produces a wide range of natural acoustic sounds.

The top edges of the cajon will produce a high bongo sound, while striking the cajon further down will produce a beeper and richer sound similar to a conga drum.

The combination of al...

Flamenco Cajon.

Fully Adjustable Snare and Front Plate:

  • The Traditional Flamenco Cajon has two sets of wires which give a crisp snare sound and are fully adjustable so that you can easily adjust the sound to your liking.

  • ...

Build Your Own Cajon With The Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon.

After many many requests we have developed The Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon.

Everything you need to build your own cajon is in the box.
(The only extras you need are wood glue,a crosshead screwdriver a...

Rumba Box.

Authentic Mento Sound

  • This is a traditional mento (early Jamaican/Caribbean) instrument which substituted for the double bass.

  • It has 6 keys which can be independently tuned. (We have it tuned to the key of...

Cajon Conga.

Deep Resonant Ringing Bass, Clear and developed top end.


  • The instrument has an open bottom design (i.e. No sound-hole on the side). We find that this design gives a good solid and ringing bass t...