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Cajons For Sale

We make cajon drums in the UK and sell direct from our workshop.

Did you know that many retail outlets add 40 - 70% to the price they buy from the manafacturer. So a cajon which we make for £75.00 would go on sale in a retail outlet for about £140.00.

You are paying an extra 40 - 70% for the same cajon.

So our cajons are only offered for sale directly from our workshop directly to the customer at wholesale prices.

If you are thinking about buying a cajon take a look at the prices of cajons for sale in retail outlets and then half the price and that will give you a good idea about how much the cajon actually costs.

We make and sell quality cajon drums at a realistic price.

Take a look at our range and listen to the sound clips below.


Our Handmade Cajons.

Cajon Drum With Double Snare.

A great cajon with a wide range of sounds.

  • The double 20 strand snares give this cajon a fantastic sizzle at the top end.

  • And the dense 12mm ply gives the cajon a deep and rou...

The Adjustable Snare Cajon Drum.

A Very Versatile Instrument

  • The double 20 strand snares are fully adjustable which gives you great flexibility.

  • With the snares fully on the cajon has a bright live...

The Professional Cajon

A Cajon Drum which sounds fantastic and is equally suited to keeping the beat or taking the lead.

The craftsman built cajon has 3 distinctive sounds:

  • The Bass. The 12mm Birch wood Ply ...

Two Tone Cajon

Two Tonal Chambers:

  • This totally unique and professional-level cajon features an internal tone chamber for the snare and a completely separate tonal chamber for the bass..

  • This gives the snare a fantas...

Flamenco Cajon.

Fully Adjustable Snare and Front Plate:

  • The Traditional Flamenco Cajon has two sets of wires which give a crisp snare sound and are fully adjustable so that you can easily adjust the sound to your liking.

  • ...

Rumba Box.

Authentic Mento Sound

  • This is a traditional mento (early Jamaican/Caribbean) instrument which substituted for the double bass.

  • It has 6 keys which can be independently tuned. (We have it tuned to the key of...