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Rumba Box MkII - £179.00

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Traditional Rumba Box

The Rumba Box is an old bass instrument which was used widely in Mento and Calypso music. It was used as a substitute for the double bass. It is also in the tradition of home made Jug Band instruments.

  • This is our latest Rumba Box. We have chosen a thin 4mm birch ply for the soundboard and the back of the rumba box, this gives superb resonance and a beautiful deep and rounded tone.
  • The Bridge is in solid American White Ash and the keys are cut from genuine stainless steel packing straps.
  • The 8 keys can be tuned to any key, scale or mode with a pair of pliers.

Here is the rumba box in action.
(If you listen to the recorded clip with good headphones/speakers you will hear the full bass tone of the Rumba Box)
The Rumba Box itself has been recorded this with two microphones. A bass drum mic inside the rumba box and a wide diagram condenser mic in front of it.

This MkII Rumba Box has a natural oil finish and a handy carrying handle on the side.

The Rumba Box is a great fun instrument to play and sounds fantastic with other acoustic instruments. Great for open mic nights, jamming with friends, recording etc etc.

We usually have one in stock and we can also make to order.

Dimentions in cm:

Height : 48.00
Width : 60.00
Depth : 30.00

Currently Out Of Stock:
New Stock Will Be Here Soon.....

My name is Freddy Nelson and me and my mate Chris have built many cajons. We love it. We will make you a quality cajon, sand it, oil it and finish it, test it, pack it up and post it directly to you.

All of our cajons are handmade by us in our workshop to very high standards.

We use only the best hand picked quality laminated wood and we construct cajon drums that are robust and produce a wide range of dynamic sounds.

If you are going to be playing your cajon for extended periods of time you want it to be easy to play. The super thin and flexible Birch wood ply playing surface of our cajons makes them very responsive to the tightest tap and also strong enough to take a good beating (when the moment takes you).

Take a look at the different models we make and take a listen to the sound clips and songs recorded with our cajons.

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